Temporary Contract

With AHL you will have the confidence in a competent staff provider, capable of supplying quality contract/temporary personnel. We understand that staff levels can fluctuate dramatically owing to project and seasonal trends. We work closely with our clients and strongly believe that the relationship between client and AHL should be as transparent as possible, you can be reliant that our expertise and commitment to delivering the right people for the right jobs first time is paramount to our success.

Under what arrangement can I order Contract/Temporary Staff?

There are many ways to utilise contract/temporary staff and we pride ourselves in adopting an open-minded and flexible approach to our clients staffing requests. However, in general the following arrangements are most commonly required.

Ad-Hoc / Reactive Recruitment

  • Aimed to support the daily variation of staff numbers within a labour intensive environment.
  • Industry experience, loyal workforce and systems in place to react to any last minute changes and booking of temporary staff.
  • Staff can be booked on an ad-hoc non-committal basis.
  • Only the agreed hours worked will be invoiced.
  • Undertaking of the daily/weekly staff allocation procedure.

Agreed term contract

  • AHL will work with the client’s management team to establish proposed start dates, locations, and disciplines competencies of personnel, and expected duration of work.
  • Liaison with client to plan staff requirements throughout duration of contract.
  • Working to an agreed specification we can supply our most suitable and trusted workforce including management personnel to work either with our clients’ direct staff or operate as their own team.
  • Undertake and manage the staff allocation, relocation and additional requirements during the contract through close interaction with our client.


Our staff will complete an individual or bulk timesheet depending on the client’s preference and nature of the contract. Please ask a member of AHL for more details. Timesheets are required to be approved by an authorised signatory for payment and invoice.

Cost benefits

  • Invoices will be submitted based on a pre-agreed rate structure only for the hours worked by our staff.
  • Discounted rates can be offered on longer term and higher volume contracts.Please ask a member of AHL for more details.
  • All AHL personnel will have been specially selected because they demonstrate the right skills, attributes and key values, saving you time and money against internal recruitment procedures.
  • Utilising our staff for urgent reactive vacancies will maintain productivity and deadlines.
  • Staff are provided on a non-committal contract basis, allowing your business to make simple and effective reductions in the workforce without incurring the cost associated with direct personnel.
  • No requirement by HMRC for PAYE contributions associated with our staff supplied on a contract basis. AHL will carry-out all relevant HMRC deductions.
  • No holiday or sick pay cost incurred.
  • No advertising costs.

Please call 01227 362415 for more details