Managed Service Solutions

Managed services involve one recruitment provider managing the entire recruitment process, from end to end, i.e. project management, advertising, payroll, training, reporting, and invoicing.

How it Can Help You

The benefits of harmonising staffing requirements are simply too great for modern organisations to ignore:

  • A single point of contact for your organisation, providing accountability.
  • We manage everything or as much as you need us to: advertising, recruitment, payroll, invoicing, management, and reporting.
  • You gain greater consistency in terms of rates, selection criteria, support, service levels, and response times.
  • You gain cost savings through negotiated fixed rates and greater economies of scale.
  • We provide you with tailored management information to help you make better decisions;
  • You reduce attrition amongst temporary staff, with obvious cost benefits
  • We manage secondary agencies and employment markets on your behalf, generating efficiencies for you.
  • You gain back-office efficiencies through consolidated invoicing / electronic timesheets.

AHL’s managed service solutions have been developed over time in response to feedback from clients, and observation of general market trends. We have found that many organisations are dealing with multiple agencies and as such have increased administration costs, a lack of consistency and a failing to achieve the best economies of scale.

Our bespoke solutions enable our clients to achieve these goals, with the added value of the expertise, experience, and network of suitable candidates delivered by our specialist teams.

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